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✍️Episode five ✍️
Edward pov
I didn’t know what to say when she told me, she would be spending more time with her mom.

I got to the house and it was quiet, I can’t live in this type of house, maybe I should just pack back to my house.

I went to my room and change into a more comfy dress. I sat down in the living room pressing the button of d remote Changing the channels.

Bella walk in drunk yelling at every object in the house like she was crazy, I thought she would be staying with her mom?.

I quickly walk to her room which look like an infinity walk because she was totally drunk.

I open her bedroom door and help her lay on the bed.
I remove her heels and drop it on the floor.

I lay her well on the bed then use the duvet to cover her.
I notice she was about to vomit, I quickly carry her to the bathroom as she vomit.

Urrghhhh so disgusting, I help her raise her hair and Pat her with my hand.

I carry her back to her room and I think she is feeling better.
“Edward” she called camly and that the first time she is actually calling me my name.

“She is dying” she yelled.
“Calm down, she is staying with us” I replied.

“Proove it to me she isn’t dying I can’t even stay with her because am damn scared and I might go crazy watching her cough out blood.

“It okay” I said and place her head on my shoulder.
She didn’t say a word for a while and I think she slept off.

I help her lay down quietly, but I can’t let her sleep in this messy cloth.

Damn it, I actually changed the cloth even though she kept enjoying my touch and it weird she is calling my name in her sleep.

I kiss her forehead and arrange her hair properly before leaving her room.

I hope she doesn’t remember this or am dead by tomorrow morning.

I went back downstairs and switch off the light and walk back to my room.

There is this particular room that is close to my room it was written on the front.
“Don’t open”.

Why? is it a secret room, I need to know what in the room.
“I was about to open it when a voice stopped me.

“And what did you think you are doing” it was Bella.
“Actually I only wanted to check” I said a little bit nervous.

“Can’t you read or what” she said and I think she is the type that sober quickly.

“Am sorry” I said and wanted to walk away.
“Am sorry too” she said and I was surprised.

I turned to look at her, did Bella Benson of all people said sorry just now?.

“You said sorry to me” I said in a question tone.
“Because I was wrong about you” she said.

“What exactly are you wrong” I asked.
“I thought you where only taking advantage of me because you have a secret no one should know” she replied.

“What secret” I asked.
“You know so I shouldn’t explain” she replied and I laughed.

“Can we talk” she asked and I look at her for a while before I agreed.
We walk back to the living room and sat on different couch.

“So what do you want from me” I asked.
“You” she replied and I laughed.

“Am your assistant, you can have me anytime you want boss” I said and she smiled for the first time.

“Actually, I want you to be pretend to be my fiance tomorrow at mom place” she said.
“I can’t pretend to be anyone fiance” I replied.

“That my mom last wish, please I don’t know anyone who could do that for me” she said

“That because you send them away from you” I replied.
“Hey am not here for you to Correct me” she yelled a little and I think my word hurt her.

“Okay I will agree to that on one condition” I said.
“Name your price” she replied.

“Hey, not everybody want money I actually want something else”I replied.
“So what do you want Mr amateur” she replied.

“I guess I like the drunk Bella that the sober one” I said and she rolled her eye.

“You are actually cute that way, can you roll that eye again?” I asked.
“How dare you tell your boss she is cute” she replied.

“Don’t boss like been called cute” I flirted a little.
“Am totally different” she said and stood up to leave.

“You aren’t even listening to the condition” I said and quickly block her and I was really close to her.

“What are your conditions” she said and raise her head up to look at me.
Damn it!! I couldn’t say a word.

She moved back a bit and I smiled because she knew what was actually wrong with me.

“Promise you would allowed the sacked staff come work for the house again and also change for good” I said.

” Is that all” she replied rudely and I think I would ask for more.
“let me think” I said and pretended to be thinking.

“You are wasting my time, we are going to my parent place tomorrow I need to rest well because of my hangover.

“kiss me and tell me I love you” I said.
“Wtf!!!!”she yelled.

Her personality

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  Authoress Ricky

   ✍️ Episode three✍️
Bella pov
I was still in my bathrobe and a towel tie on my head.
You must be wondering why I should a nobody to be my assistant.

The stranger guy was looking at me like he want to swallow me, shit!! he was the club guy what does he want from me? how did he know I am the Benson’s daughter?

Immediately I enter my office yesterday I call Morgan on video call.
“Hey don’t tell me you are already missing me on the first day” she said her eye fixed to something.

“The guy from the club is here and I don’t know what he want” I said and she looked at me.

“You are rich just pay him off, or give him whatever he want to keep your little secret” she replied.

“Why should I give him money” I asked.
“Bella, you got yourself into this mess just get married instead of paying some random guys to sleep with you” she replied.

“Damn it, why would i marry or date you know I hate guys” I replied.
“You don’t hate guys Bella, if you do, you won’t pay them to sleep with you after been drunk” she replied.

“Am damn serious what should I do” I asked.
“Just take the bull by the horn, Bella am busy, am going to be introduced to board of directors today” she said.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
After dressing up for a new day, I walk into the living room and met the amateur.

“I guess you read the file well” I asked and he just sit there he didn’t even stand up to bow.

“If I didn’t read it, I won’t be here pistachios (someone who is difficult to please).

“What did you just say” I yelled a little.
“It was written in the contract, you are a pistachios, fugitive….” I interrupted him.

“Just shut up, anyway hope you read the last part before signing it” I asked.

“No, I was getting bored of the stories about you because it sucks”he replied.

“Incase you don’t know am your boss and I can fire you anytime, anyway since you are too lazy I will tell you what at the back”

“You are to live here from now on, no outing or anything because you have to be around anytime and we can go on a business trip for a month”

“That sounds like a newly wedded couple agenda”he said with a smirk.
“I guess you are rude and I would have no choice but to say this, you are fired”I yelled.

“Like seriously you can’t fire me anyhow just like the rest or the great Benson would be on social media the next day” he said and I understood what he meant.

“You aren’t even primitive for this job yet you are saying trash anyway am done here, call the driver to pick me up, this is your business phone and your ID card” I said and handed them to him.

“Seriously when would we start our wedding agenda” he said.
“Are you crazy I will never marry anyone” I said and storm out of the house angrily.

“Is she scared to love” I heard him murmured but am not sure if he really said that.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

As usual work was going fine, that amateur was really good at his work a little bit even though it was disgusting to see my workers lust at him.

I stood near the class window staring at the view of New York City.
(Phone rings)
“Dad” I said.
“You really need to come here fast, your mom has been admitted” he said and I didn’t even wait to hear the remaining stories.

I quickly pick up my bag, I saw the amateur coming with a cup of coffee I sent him to get but I just walk past him.
“Bella” he called.

Who the hell call his boss her own name, I ignore that and rush downstairs he was just following him like a crazy guy just like me.

I enter the car and he did too.
“What are you doing, get the hell out of my car” I yelled angrily.

“Am your assistant and must follow you everywhere you go” he replied and I start the car and drove off myself I didn’t wait for my driver.

I got to our private hospital, I met my dad at the reception.
“What the hell about to mom” I asked with tears almost rolling down my eye.

“I think are case is getting worst” he said and I started crying.
“Where did she get the damn disease”I said.

“it okay bella” my dad said as he hug me and I cry in his hand.

Edward pov 
I can’t believe what am seeing, the great Bella is crying like a kid, maybe Everybody is facing different type of things but we just let some eat us in our heart or tell a friend but not everything you say is you.

I was actually seeing another Bella crying and not the one I knew before.

I wish I could do something to wipe those tears off her face and tell her it would be okay.

I just stare at her from a distant.
Or spend all my time looking at her have fun in the club I work.

Only if I knew she was facing this too, I turned and walk back to the car.

I should just wait for her here.
I was still a kid when my parents was involved in a plane crash, no one survived.

I stayed with my cousin family for a while before it became unbearable and had to work to survive.

I was educated by my cousin family but I notice they Changed gradually towards me.

I know the pain of loosing ones patents, I was once in a situation like this.

My heart break has I recollect our my mom had always been loving and caring.
  To be continued….
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
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Her personality🖤

Authoress Ricky
    ✍️Episode Two✍️
Edward pov
I woke up really early because I have an interview this morning and I really need a job to stop been a club guy with my standard.

If you would ask about my night, it was really bad because I couldn’t really sleep I was nervous about the interview.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
Edward Hernandez, he is an orphan after he lost his parent years ago during their trip for a business.

He had live alone his whole life feeling lonely and things got hard for him since he has no parent, everything meant for him was taken away.

He work at a club bar for a living, he was unable to get a good job and it either he quit or fired.

Edward look young and no one would believe his age if he ever say it out.

He has a thick brown hair, a brown eye and a cute rounded lips. But the flaws about Edward he find it out to control his anger.

He doesn’t even know why he exist, he just want to die but everytime he tries committing sucide something tells him to live.

He stretched and went into his bathroom and wash himself.
Edward his now Clad in a Black suit with a red tie and a black shoe.

He stare at himself in the mirror and he smiled to himself, he pick up the necessary documents and and exist the house after locking the door.

He wave for a cab and the cab halted at his front and he entered and made his way to the interview.

“Are you sure you are okay sir” the driver ask him.
“Yeah am okay just nervous” he replied.

“okay sir” the driver replied and focus on his drive.
“Yes, Edward you can do this” he said to himself.

He alighted and walk into the company, it was too crowdy and I think his chance is gone.

He turned and wanted to go take a cab home. All hope is gone.
“Edward you can’t lose this again” his subconscious said.

“I can’t do this” he said to himself.
“Go back into that company and show them you can do it” his subconscious said.

A car drove into the company  park and a young lady came looking hot has usual, she walk richly into the company.

Everybody keep bowing and everybody concentrated on their work to avoid been fired.

She stopped immediately her eye met me and I remember her she was the lady from the club on  Friday.

She stopped before walking pass me, did she just act like she does not know me, she must be rude to have done that.

I trail behind her even though I don’t even know where she is going.
“Mr Edward Hernandez, please it sir can you go to the interview room now”a young lady told me after bowing to the rude girl.

She look rich or is she the owner of this company, she won’t even give me job so why disturbing myself.

I will just go and try my best, I follow the young lady after a glance at the lady again.

She look gorgeous that the other night maybe because she was drunk.

“Will you stop looking at the boss, she is evil” the lady said and I looked at her.
“Why did you say that”I asked.

“I don’t know why she is like that but all I know is she is a rich spoilt brat because they tried to take the company from her”she replied.

“She is the owner of this company” I asked.
“Yes and the only problem is she sack people who say irrelevant things here”she said.

“Am going to be her personal assistant if I am chosen” I asked.
“Yes and that another hell for you” she replied.

“That crazy, I can’t be a evil lady assistant” I said.
“She sacked all her assistant until her best friend agreed to do it and that lasted long but she travelled recently” she replied.

“Anyway anyway anytime you need me am here” she said and I guess she is flirting with me.

“Am not sure I would need that” I replied.
“With your good look an sure they would give you the job” she said flirting.

“Thanks” I replied
“She would surely be at the interview room soon” she said and we enter a section in the company.

“Just take this elevator to the sixth floor” she said and left me.
“This is going to be tough Edward” I said and enter the elevator.

✍️Interview Room✍️
“Your qualifications are good but we need to wait for the boss” a man in black suit said.
“What your boss name” I asked.
“Bella Benson, you should have know that before” the man said and I bow.

Wow her name is Bella, what a nice name that fit her beauty
Edward are you crushing on your to be Boss?

The door squeak open and she is walk in, the men stood up and bow at her.

“Just give him the job and cancel the other proposal” she said and walk out.

“I guess you got the job” the black man in suit said and shake my hand before leaving.

“I wonder she gave you the job before even checking your qualifications but you resume Work tomorrow and take this study all this well or you would get in trouble” a lady said and gave me some files.

Wtf!!! I have to read all this just to work here
“Thanks ma’am” I said.
“Am not ma’am just call me Kenzie dear” she said and another lady is flirting again.

Am going to be popular here except I still have to handle my sweetheart case.

“Why are you smiling” the lady said and I realize I was smiling for real.
“Let meet lady” she handed me a card and left.

I exist the company and took a cab home back I was really happy, I finally got my dream job even though not an assistant but my salary are mouthwatering.
  To be continued……
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    ✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️

Her personality

Authoress Ricky
     ✍️ Episode one ✍️
BELLA BENSON  woke up luxuriously to find the sun streaming through the stern windows, she drifted back to sleep when her alarm rang again and that really annoyed her.

She stretched her lazy arm and stopped the time, she curl up like a child on her bed.

Her eye snapped open when she saw the guy she invited in last night  as usual clad in only trousers, leaning upon the sill of the stern window, looking out.

She was already drooling at the sight of the guy broad back.
“Hey Bella stop dreaming, you can never like any guy”her subconscious said.

“Are you kinda crazy aren’t you meant to leave after paying you up wasn’t that the deal” she yelled.

“Oh you are awake the likely lass” he said and turn and walk towards her and sat on the bed then help her put her hair at the back of her ear.
“Get the hell out of my house” she yelled again.

“All woman want a husband but it kind of weird why my client doesn’t want a man when she have everything a man want” the man said and she push him off her bed and help him out of her room passing his dress and shoes to him.

She slam the door and didn’t wait for him to say anything.
She was really drunk last night and she doesn’t even know how much they collect from her every night because she was always drunk.

She goes to a club every Friday knowing fully well she doesn’t have anything to do during the weekend except spending the day with her best friend.

And speaking of her best friend Morgan.
“Shit! she is traveling today shouldn’t I be helping her pack up” she said.

A knock distracted her.
“Ma’am I brought your morning tea”
She opened the door and the maid entered and place the tea carefully but was startled when Bella called her and she spill the tea on her desk.

“What the hell did you just do” she yelled.
“Am sorry ma”, she quickly went on her knees bowing.

“You are fired, get out of my mansion immediately, and call another maid to take care of this place fast”She yelled and the maid left with tears in her eye.

“How can that poor little thing ruin my desk” she said.
“Hey who are you yelling at” Morgan said as she enter her room clad in her pyjamas too.

“She can’t even place a tea rightly on the desk”
“Don’t tell me you fired her too”
“Why won’t I, there is nothing she can do”
“You really need to change, am leaving today and no one would really fight for you again”.

“We already post our interview date on social media so by Monday someone would replace you”she said.

“The maid are already helping me pack, so don’t bother” Morgan said.
“I didn’t say am helping you pack before”

“Whatever, but why are you in a bad mood this morning” her friend asked.
“Because the jerk I paid last night was still here when I woke up” she said and sit on her bed with leg crossed.

“How does it feels to see one of  them” her friend said and she understood what she meant.

She was always drunk when she pay them money and then before morning they leave so she doesn’t even recognize them but today seems different she actually saw him.

“It really annoying because I feel sad to realize I recognize one” she replied.
“Hmmmm, since my flight is still in the evening why don’t we take a cool bathe together and have fun a little” Morgan said and she smiled.

“She actually know how to make me happy” she said and Morgan laughed.

“I really hope you are able to cope without me” She said and there was an awkward silent among them before they started laughing again.

“What the hell was that” Bella said had as they made their way to the bathroom who looks likes a sitting room because it was large and the person who decorated and set the bathroom must be a professional Because it was too good.

✍️Bella pov✍️
The last day with Morgan was fun, I can’t imagine how Monday would be without her.

We were having out breakfast as usual when Dad and Mom walk in.
“Mummy” I said and went to hug her.

“My little princess is missing me”she said patting my shoulder before I redraw from her arm.

“Am aren’t little again, mom am in my twenties”
“But am your mom” she replied and I laughed.

“I guess you are having fun here since Morgan Is going tonight” Dad said and we all sat down to eat.

The maid served more food and we all settled to eat.
After dessert, Dad went to have some talk with Morgan maybe be a little guide about Paris or something.

I sat with Mom in the living room  cuddle up in her arm like a kid.
I really Love my mom she is the best mom ever just that death might take her away anytime soon.

She was feeling a little sick during our vacation to England and we had to come back home.

The doctor carry out different kind of test and discover she have cancer.

Since it cancer her tissues and cell are uncontrollable and she only have few time left on Earth.

She kept acting like everything is fine but everybody knows she is dying inside.

“What are you thinking” she asked and I smiled.
“Am thinking about you” I replied and she laugh.

“Why are you laughing am really serious” I said.
“Am serious too so get a man and let me see my grand child before I die” she replied jokingly but I know she is serious.

“Mom I already told you am not be getting married anytime soon because I hate men  and am not marrying anyone you need to support me in that” I said.

“You really need to change Bella, everything isn’t work or Paying random men’s to sleep with you, that isn’t life”she said plaiting my hair.

“Okay Mom have heard” I said because I wasn’t interested in the conversation she is dragging me into.

“What are you two talking about” Dad said walking in with Morgan.
“Nothing much, don’t tell me you are leaving already” I said with a frown.

“We only came to check on you two to be sure you are fine and I need to discuss few things with Morgan”he replied.

“Why can’t mom stay and you can go” I replied.
“Your mom need to go for check up” so see you guys later” he said and helped mom to the door while Morgan and I trail behind them.

“Bye mom” I said and kiss her cheek same to Dad too then wave them goodbye.

I face Morgan and we started laughing has we made our way back in.
“Am going to miss you girl friend” I said and jump on her.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️

In the evening……
I follow Morgan to the airport, I hugged her so tight before letting her go.

My driver drive me back to the house.
The house felt weird without Morgan.

I can’t wait for Monday to come so I can yell at my new assistant and my employee because that what I enjoy most.

I walk in and saw a maid cleaning the TV, I kept staring at her.
“Hey you” I called and she ran to me and bow.

“Yes ma’am” she bowed.
“You are fired”I said.
“Ma’am” she said and raise her head up surprised.

“You didn’t do anything wrong but I really need to reduce my workers” I lied actually it fun when I say the word YOU ARE FIRED to my employee.

she walk away and I laughed before heading to the garden at the back of my house to meditate alittle.
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